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A Dozen Reasons Why You'll Enjoy Doing Business With Silver Moon


1.   Strong & Reliable Since 1867: We're an independent firm, under the same private family ownership for more than 145 years. We specialize in serving family farms, both large and small.

2.   Direct Distribution: You buy from the original manufacturer, saving warehouse and dealer costs. You buy at your own dealer price.

3.   Quality & Performance: Silver Moon Feeds have been tested on thousands of area farms to give you the consistent, high quality performance you demand.

4.   Affordable Costs: Silver Moon Feeds are manufactured in a modern automated mill, from "the ground up", with all ingredients purchased in bulk and large quantities and sold directly to the customer. You enjoy the cost savings made possible by this manufacturing and direct distribution program.

5.   Discount Program: Silver Moon Feeds offers quantity discounts, both for individual orders and for annual purchase contracts. You can combine different feeds to obtain the maximum quantity discount.

6.   Free Delivery To Your Farm: The price of all Silver Moon Feeds includes delivery to your farm; or for additional savings, you can pick up your feed at the mill and earn extra discounts.

7.   Low Minimum Deliveries: You can obtain delivery of as little as 500# of feed or as much as 15 tons of feed. Various kinds of feed can be delivered on the same truck.

8.   Pellets or Meal - Bagged or Bulk: You may request feed in various forms and in various packages. These can also be combined on the same delivery order, and there is no extra charge for pellets.

9.   Fast Service: We can deliver feed - including special medication orders - within 24 hours after you have called.

10. One Stop Shopping: We regularly keep in stock one of the widest assortments of various feeds and medications in this area. From pigs to cattle to dairy cows to chickens to goats to rabbits to dogs to wild game birds to ducks and ratites, you can depend on Silver Moon Feeds to have not only the feed that you need, but also animal health products, livestock feeding equipment, and field seeds.

11. Credit: For your convenience, we accept Mastercard and Visa. We also offer free thirty day convenience charge accounts or interest free livestock financing (based on prior credit approval).

12. Guaranteed: Silver Moon guarantees that you will be fully satisfied with the quality and performance of Silver Moon Feeds, or your money will be cheerfully refunded. The Silver Moon Unconditional Money Back Guarantee applies to your last purchase of Silver Moon Feed, up to a maximum limit of 5 tons.