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Dairy Cattle

Available In-Store Only:


Product Code     Product                                        Size (lbs.)

35011M             Silver Moon All Milk Replacer            25

35433P             16% Milk Maker Special Pellets         50

35821P              Dairy Mixer Special Pellets               50

35881P              Dairy Supreme ABZF Pellets            50

35794M             Dairy Custom 23-2                            50

35832P              Amish Dairy Delight                           50

35406P              Silver Plus Dairy Pellet                     Bulk

35456P              Silver Dairy Blender Pellet                Bulk

35981P              Dairy & Beef Wormer S.G.                50

36094M             Silver Moon Phosforall                       50

I started feeding my dairy cows Amish Dairy Delight two years ago, and my milk production peaked ten pounds higher that it had previously. Amish Dairy Delight is very palatable, and I like the way my cows accept the feed with the Amish Dairy Delight on top. I am also very pleased with the delivery service that I get with Silver Moon.

~ Mose G. Borntrager of Clark, Missouri ~


Martin Kilmer of Versailles, Missouri, started feeding Dairy Supreme ABZF Pellets to his dairy herd in 1991. Approximately three years ago, he decided to try a local product. After feeding it for a period of time, he realized that his peak milk production was at least ten pounds lower than he had previously experienced while feeding Silver Moon Feeds. In February 2011, Martin switched back to Dairy Supreme and his cows are a lot more content and anxious to enter the barn again.