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Game Birds

Available In-Store Only:


Product Code     Product                                        Size (lbs.)

38063M              Scratch Grains                                 50

31623C              Poultry Starter Granules                   50

31132C              Poultry Builder Crumbles                   50

31151C              Bird Booster Crumbles                      50

34113P              Grain Plus Pellets                             50

31111C              Bird Beginner Granules                     50

In these 25 years, I have tried every brand of feed, but year in and year out I stayed with Silver Moon Feeds. Silver Moon Feeds offers good quality, a better price, and performance that is as good as any competitive feed. I would highly recommend Silver Moon Feeds for every stage of a game bird operation.

~ Richard Riley, First Choice Gamebird Farm ~


Carroll Lee and Rosella Atherton are the owners of Snow White Enterprises, a game bird operation. They hatch, raise and sell quail, chuckers and pheasants for hunting and game preserves throughout the Midwest They have been in business for over 25 years. Three years ago, they called Milbank Mills to see if we could make specialty feeds for their game birds, after their previous feed supplier left the area. They tried a national supplier, but the costs were prohibitive. They wanted the convenience and delivery service of a local feed manufacturer. Our motto is “We can feed what you grow.” Snow White Enterprises keeps a quality game bird operation; we appreciate the opportunity to serve them with quality feeds, convenient service, and economical prices.