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Product Code     Product                                        Size (lbs.)          Price    

36154M             Silver Moon Horse Mineral                50          $16.48/bag

36421P             12% Horse Power Pellets                  50          $10.85/bag

36491P              Horse Shine Pellets                          50          $  9.45/bag

36473B              Sweet & Bulky All-Grain                    50          $11.15/bag

36754M             Power Boost                                     50          $39.68/bag

36554P              Equine Shine                                      6          $20.81/bag

36135Z              New Revelation Deer Tub                 50          $69.00/tub                      

After feeding the tubs for four months, I am super sold. Last evening I grained the mares and they were unenthusiastic about the grain. My hay consumption has been cut in half. The overweight mare has tucked up and lost her roughage belly. I feel the greatest advantage to the tub would be the effect on my old Tennessee Walker mare; she has become a youngster again, and she travels like a horse on fire. Prior to feeding the tub, I was going to start her on a joint supplement (expensive but worth it). Now with the dramatic changes I’ve seen in her rate of travel, I’m not going to purchase any supplements. What I’m waiting to see would be the effects on the heat cycles and how a grass founder situation can be averted. The mares are on 7 acres of good Bermuda. To conclude, horse managers that find it difficult and very costly to find and store their food stuffs (hay especially) will be very pleased and surprised with the results from feeding this tub - I know I am.


~ Jorga Campbell, on our New Revelation Tubs