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Llamas, Alpacas, & Exotics

Available In-Store Only:


Product Code     Product                                            Size (lbs.)

34653P              Cow & Calf Stocker Ration                   50

34113P              Grain Plus                                             50

35121P              Sure Start                                             50

34683P              All Stock Pellets                                    50

36473B              Sweet & Bulky All-Grain                        50

We have found that llamas and alpacas prefer feeds that are similar to a few of the most popular cow, horse, and sheep feeds. These are completely safe for the llamas and alpacas, too. None of the feeds listed above are medicated. Therefore, they are both safe for the animal and very palatable, too!


If you own or care for a type of animal that is not listed on here or that is exotic, please contact us to further explore feeding options and recommendations. We offer a multitude of products, some of which are not listed on the website or are special-order only. We would be more than happy to help you with a unique feeding situation!