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Chillicothe's oldest existing business, Milbank Mills, was founded in 1867 by George Milbank. Today, the company continues in business, headed by the fourth generation of the Milbank family, Edward Milbank, and employee owned through an employee stock ownership gifting program. From its headquarters in southeast Chillicothe, the company produces a complete range of animal and poultry feeds, under the "Silver Moon Feeds" brand name.

Our Mission:


Milbank Mills is dedicated to producing high quality livestock and poultry feeds and to providing a grain market, with supplies of agricultural inputs, while controlling costs so that these products can be marketed at a profit to our customers and to Milbank Mills.

To this end, Milbank Mills will merchandise its products and services in order to retain its present customers and to add new customers. In performing these functions, the people of Milbank Mills will take pride in doing their work in such a way as to benefit customers, fellow employees, and the community, thus insuring the long range health and vitality of the company.

To Learn More About Our History:


A more detailed account of the history and activities of Milbank Mills, Inc. may be read on our Facebook page by clicking here: Expanded History.