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Product Code     Product                                        Size (lbs.)         Price     

36391P              Rabbit Builder                                   50           $13.73/bag

39810Z              Rabbit Spools                                 (each)       $0.35/spool

Rabbits love Silver Moon Feed’s Rabbit Builder pellets. They are always fresh, and high in fiber and protein too. Rabbit Builder contains many vitamins and supplements, all of which are essential in ensuring that the rabbit(s) get the best quality feed at an affordable cost. It is important to note that rabbits should always have access to fresh water and a salt spool, of which Silver Moon also carries at a very low price. We offer a discount program to 4-H members who raise rabbits for contest in the organization. If you have any questions about the discount program, come in and talk to us or get in touch with us via one of our numerous modes of communication listed under our “Contact Us” section. Below is a link on rabbit care tips and feeding basics: