Milbank Mills, Inc.


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Service Offerings

Here are just a few of the many services we offer:


#1: Money Back Guarantee

#2: Formulation (see below)

#3: Quality assurance

#4: On-farm feed consultation

#5: Firm contracting for feed pricing

#6: Finance plans

#7: Delivery services

#8: Custom rations

#9: Quantity purchase discounts

#10: Bulk or bags option

#11: Animal health supplies (wormers, aureo bites, etc.)

#12: Equipment for livestock and customers (feeders, bulk bins, etc.)


Formulation: We take advantage of the latest research and the best available ingredients utilizing the latest technology!


Local Availability: We can ship directly to you. We also partner with local businesses to keep bagged feed inventories  available for convenient pick up. Contact us for a location near you!


Please see our “Dozen Reasons” page for more in-depth explanation of some of the services we offer that are listed above.