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Sheep & Goats

Available In-Store Only:


Product Code     Product                                        Size (lbs.)

36631P              Meat Goat Grower Pellets                 50

36656P              Dairy Goat Extra Pellets                   Bulk

35121P              Sure Start Pellets                               50

34953P              Lamb Fattener Pellets A                     50

36124M             Silver Moon Sheep Mineral                 50

~ Eli Mullett of La Plata, MO ~

 Eli operates a goat dairy where they currently milk approximately 115 goats. He feeds Silver Moon Triple Plus to the milking herd and also as a development ration for their doelings. Eli stated that he is “very pleased with production and results in general.” He said that he “is happy with Silver Moon service, as he always is given advance notice, has feed delivered in a timely manner, and has never ran out of feed.” He said that he has fed many different rations and feels that Silver Moon is a “very economical feed for the value received.