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Shipping Zone Information

If you live within our local delivery area that is categorized into territories (shown here), there is free delivery to most counties (check color coding to be sure) with a minimum purchase of 1,000 pounds of total product. Products such as different feed and minerals may be combined to meet the minimum delivery requirement.


There is an expanded delivery area, again shown on the county maps for Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas (click state names to view each associated map), with free delivery plus a single fee stop charge.


Outside the local delivery area or for orders below the minimum purchase of 1,000 pounds total, determine the state to which the product(s) will be delivered to select the zone, and then use the table below to determine the freight cost.










Click Here for Zone Freight Cost Table Link


If your are ordering 20 bags or more, freight discounts may be available. Call us toll free at (800) 892-2488 for your personal freight rate.