Milbank Mills, Inc.


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The most important aspect of our company is our customers.

Here is what some have said about us:


Steve Woodington:I truly am impressed to see that those reply cards are read. It’s very refreshing to see a company in this day and time that will take time to listen to the little people. I am very, very impressed with your product. My Holstein calves have been gaining very well, as well as having good coats and attitude. Keep up the good work.


Leonard Weis:We started buying feed from Milbank Mills twenty-five years ago when we were milking. We were pleased with their feed and service then and now too. Milbank Mills don’t have many free drawings and suppers. But whenever I buy a ton of feed I can’t help but think how many dollars I’ve saved the last 25 years using their feed. Price a ton of Silver Moon Feed against what you are now using and you’ll see what I mean.


Ray Ashbaugh:Silver Moon Grain Plus is just what I had been looking for in a feed. The stock love it, and do good. One of the best things about Silver Moon Grain Plus is that you can feed it either to cattle or sheep...and it is good for chickens too!


Jim Gingrich: Silver Moon Feeds made it the “easiest weaning season ever” and that “Silver Moon Triple Plus was a winner.


Bothwell Farms:I was tickled with the way my calves started on Silver Moon Triple Plus. My calves perform well, and Triple Plus was very convenient to feed. At the same time, Triple Plus was priced very competitively, and I got great service, both from the office and delivery personnel, as well as from the field representative, who took very good care of me.


Wade Shaw:I have been very satisfied with the service which Silver Moon has provided. They’ve been real easy to get along with. The contract on the feed, the cost of the feed, and the whole picture has just been excellent.