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Wild Birds

Available Online & In-Store:


Product Code     Product                                        Size (lbs.)         Price      

38200M              Song Maker Bird Feed                     25              $7.95/bag

38100M              Song Maker Bird Feed                     50            $13.90/bag

Our primary product for wild birds has an appetizing selection of seeds including corn, wheat, and sunflower seeds all brought together with sorghum. It will not only attract beautiful backyard birds, but will keep them coming back for more and encourage them to become aesthetically pleasing additions around your home. While they are enjoying the feed, you can enjoy knowing they are also eating a healthy and nutritious meal that has the appropriate quantities of protein, fat, and fiber of which is a necessity for them. There are several birds that enjoy this feed, many with beautiful colorations such as Cardinals, Yellow Finches, Robins, Blue Birds, Blue Jays, and many more!