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Milbank Mills, Inc.
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Non-GMO Rations

Poultry Products
31903C     Non-GMO Starter 27% Crumbles
31933P     Non-GMO Grower 19% Bites
31923P     Non-GMO 17% Layer Bites
Swine Products
33203P     Non-GMO Pig Bloom
33213P     Non-GMO Pig Builder Pellets
33253P     Non-GMO 15% Swine Pellets
33243P     Non-GMO 12% Swine Finisher
33263P     Non-GMO Sow Farrow
33283P     Non-GMO 36% Swine Supplement
Dairy Products
35663P     Non-GMO 16% Lactator Pellets
35731P     Non-GMO Lactator 40 Supplement
Other Products
39616M     Non-GMO Soybean Meal

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Milbank Mills, Inc.
Milbank Mills, Incorporated
1 N. Brunswick Street
Chillicothe, Missouri
Local: (660)646-0183
Toll-Free: (800)892-2488
Fax: (660)646-6662
Silver Moon Mill
A 154 year old company, family and employee owned
business, serving agriculture in Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas.

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