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Milbank Mills, Inc.
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Pest Control Products

12928L     5 Liter Agrimectin Pour-On
13928D     Ivomec Applicator
12008D     Ivomec Wormer Paste
Rat and Mouse Baits
12138D     Mole Trap
12128D     Mole Worms
12548D     Glue Boards (2 pack)
12588D     Tom Cat Liquid Concentrate
12578D     Havoc XT Blok (8#)
12488D     Ramik Disposable Bait Station
12568D     Ramik Bars (4 x 16 oz.)
12618D     Ramik Bait Packs (16 x 4 oz.)
12628D     Ramik Nuggets (4#)
12518D     Ramik Mini Bars (4#)
12648D     Ramik 4 oz. Bait Station
12478D     Tom Cat 4 oz. Bait Station
Fly Control Products
12898L     Sawyer Tick Repellant
12038L     Permectrin II (1 Quart)
12078L     1/2 Gallon Co-Ral
12468L     CV80D Insect Killer
12168D     Dust Bag
12178D     Dust Bag Refill (Co-Ral)
12458D     Fly Bullets
12498D     Cow Life Back Rub
12508D     Box Face Fly Flips
12638D     Golden Malrin
Animal Health
11018D     Colostrix
12778D     Vitamin & Electrolytes Plus (4 oz.)
Tank Heaters
182100     1500 Watt Sinking Heater
182200     1500 Watt 3-in-1 Heater
182300     1500 Watt Floating Heater

Milbank Mills, Inc.
Milbank Mills, Incorporated
1 N. Brunswick Street
Chillicothe, Missouri
Local: (660)646-0183
Toll-Free: (800)892-2488
Fax: (660)646-6662
Silver Moon Mill
A 154 year old company, family and employee owned
business, serving agriculture in Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas.

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