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Milbank Mills, Inc.
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Minerals and Vitamins


36266M     Livestock Plus Mineral
36014M     CTC Fescue Mineral (VFD Required)
36024M     Silver Label Micro Min
36034M     Silver Moon Mineral
36054M     Silver Moon Mineral Plus
36074M     Silver Moon High M Mineral
36094M     Silver Moon Phosforall
36114M     Silver Moon Endo-Binder Mineral
36124M     Silver Moon Sheep Mineral
33924M     Med-I-Mix #2 (A-D-E)
33964M    Med-I-Mix #6 (Sel. & E)
33714M     Med-I-Mix #7 (Safe-Worm)
33744M     Med-I-Mix #13 (Folic, Biotin)
33734M     Med-I-Mix #14 (BMD)
34292M     Custom Cattle Meal
34871C     Silver Moon Aureo Bites (VFD Required)
34881C     AS-700 Bites (VFD Required)
34891C     Deccox Bites
34901M     Bovatec Premix
34911M     Rumensin Premix
35981P     Dairy and Beef Wormer S.G.

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Milbank Mills, Inc.
Milbank Mills, Incorporated
1 N. Brunswick Street
Chillicothe, Missouri
Local: (660)646-0183
Toll-Free: (800)892-2488
Fax: (660)646-6662
Silver Moon Mill
A 154 year old company, family and employee owned
business, serving agriculture in Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas.

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